Afkortingen UNIFI

ACHAutomated Clearing House
BBANBasic Bank Account Number
BICBank Identifier Code (SWIFT)
CECCentre for Exchange and Clearing (National Bank of Belgium) Zie ook UCV
CSMClearing and Settlement Mechanisms
EBAEuropean Banking Association
ECBSEuropean Committee for Banking Standards
ECEuropean Commision
EPCEuropean Payments Council
EUPEuropean Payments
IBANInternational Bank Account Number
NLFNew Legal Framework
PE-ACHPan-European Automated Clearing House
PEDDPayment Electronic Direct Debit
SCFSEPA Cards Framework
SCTSEPA Credit Transfer
SDDSEPA Direct Debit
SEPASingle Euro Payment Area
UCVUitwisselingscentrum en Verrekening (National Bank of Belgium) Zie ook CEC
UNIFIUNIversal Financial Industry